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China says future space lab open to the world


China's Manned Space Engineering Office said the launch of cargo space craft Tianzhou-1 heralded a new era of space exploration for the country.

"In China's three stages of manned space program, this launch marks the end of the second stage of launch mission and officially starts the next stage of constructing our space station," said Zhang Yulin, deputy commander-in-chief of China's manned space program.


Thursday's successful launch was witnessed by some members of the international community. On the invitation of China's foreign ministry, Ms. Simonetta Di Pippo, the director of the United Nations' Office for Outer Space Affairs, and the ambassadors of Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, and Kazakhstan to the UN's Vienna office were in attendance to see the rocket lift off.   


Ambassador Ayesha Riyaza, Pakistan's permanent representative to the UN Vienna Office, said "step by step China is moving forward. This is something remarkable for the whole world."


Zhang said China's future space station would be open to the international community without conditions. "We're equally open to the whole world, including the leading space powers and developing countries. There is no limit. We welcome any country that has the need of conducting space experiments."


"We're very happy with China's announcement that it'll conduct its research and its development in collaboration with other countries, especially the neighboring countries,"Ambassador Maria Angara, permanent representative of the Philippines to the UN Vienna Office, said.


Zhang said China would remain committed to the peaceful use of outer space, adding that developing countries were invited to take part in China's achievements in space. 


(2017-04-21 Ge Yunfei CGTN Official)


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