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Statement of Ambassador Shi Zhongjun at the 49 Session of Working Group B of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation is pleased to see you to chair our session. We will do our utmost to support you and closely cooperate with all parties to advance our work during the session.

China aligns itself with the statement made by His Excellency the Ambassador of Malaysia on behalf of G77 and China and wishes to further elaborate its position on a number of issues.

Mr. Chairman,

Building-up a verification regime is an important component of the preparation work for Treaty compliance. China has noted that "a credible verification system" has been identified by the PTS as one of the two overarching mission for the next stage of its work. We encourage the PTS to continue developing its work plan within its mandate as established by the Prepcom, in compliance with principles governing testing and provisional operation and in a realistic and reasonable manner, so as to push forward a balanced development of the IDC, the IMS and the OSI regime, while maintaining as much as possible a zero real budgetary growth.

The IDC plays a unique and important role, as it is in charge of functionalities such as monitoring data processing and analysis. China has noted that at the last WGB session, different views remained among parties on the roadmap for implementing phase 5b of the IDC progressive commissioning plan. We welcome the continued in-depth discussion on related issues at the current session and encourage the PTS to take balanced consideration of the opinions expressed by all parties, in developing technical requirements and validation criteria, which should be quantifiable and measurable. We also look forward to continuing discussions on the IDC validation and acceptance test plan and invite all parties to provide their comments with a view to its improvement.

During the current session, we will consider a number of technical issues, including operational manuals for the IMS and the OSI. China will take an active part in these discussions and will contribute to resolve outstanding related issues.

Mr. Chairman,

China recognizes the PTS’s achievements in promoting the development of NDCs and hopes that it will take further steps to build NDCs' capacities for analyzing the IDC's data and products. In light of its needs in terms of preparation for Treaty implementation, China has established its own competent NDC and gained experience in relevant technologies. As a next step, China is ready to support the PTS in its regional technical training activities and to contribute to NDC capacity building.

Mr. Chair,

As one of the first countries to sign the Treaty, China has always upheld the object and purpose of the Treaty, fulfilling its nuclear test moratorium commitment, steadily working on the preparation for Treaty implementation at national level as well as actively participating in and promoting the process for facilitating the entry into force of the Treaty.

China pays great importance to exchanges and cooperation with the PTS and the international community. China actively supports the PTS in the Treaty compliance preparation activities, sends experts to serve as co-chair in relevant task forces, and actively participates in workshops and training sessions organized by the PTS. China will send its delegation to attend this year's conference on promoting the Treaty's entry into force. In addition, with the support of the PTS, several Chinese stations are entering the critical stage of certification and validation. Recently, China has successfully received visits by PTS experts, laying the foundation for future work. China is ready to contribute to further in-depth discussions on technical issues during the session.

I thank you Mr. Chair.

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