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Statement by H. E. Ambassador Shi Zhongjun at the 49th Session of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-test-ban Treaty Organization

Madam President,

We’re pleased to see you chairing this session. Please rest assured of the Chinese delegation’s full support and cooperation. Together we’ll strive for positive outcomes for this session. China fully aligns itself with the statement made by Iran on behalf of G77 and China, and I’d like to further elaborate China’s position on some specific issues.

The CTBT, as an important pillar of the international nuclear disarmament and non proliferation regime, plays a major role in maintaining world peace and security. China welcomes the successful 10th Article XIV Conference held last September and appreciates efforts by the PTS and all relevant parties to improve the CTBT’s universality and promote its entry into force.

China supports efforts by the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) to advance International Monitor System (IMS), International Data Center (IDC) and On-Site Inspection (OSI) activities in a balanced manner, guided by the principle of ‘provisional operation’. The PTS should deal with divergent views expressed by relevant parties in an objective and balanced way, strictly follow its mandate under the Treaty to prepare for implementation, and uphold the principle of consensus.

China appreciates the draft 2018-2019 Program and Budget prepared by the PTS based on ‘zero real growth’ principle. We hope that the PTS will build on its efforts to improve efficiency in utilization of funds and resources to effectively guarantee funding for capacity-building projects and further increase it. In this regard, projects such as training of station operators and inspectors, due to their importance for building developing countries’ capacity, should be further expanded and improved.

Madam President,

There has been significant progress in the certification and final acceptance of monitoring stations hosted by China. Following last year’s final certification of the first station in China, a radionuclide station in Guangzhou, China got its certification last September. Furthermore, 3 additional stations in China are now in the last stage of preparations for certification, which is expected by the end of the year.

China values capacity building and related international cooperation. We have built in Beijing a fully equipped and configured National Data Center, and have accumulated some experience in data analysis, equipment R&D and personnel training. China is willing to use our National Data Center as a base for international cooperation in research and training to build the capacity of regional countries and developing countries more broadly. In addition, China decided that this year again, we’ll contribute 10 000 $ to CTBTO Project for the Participation of Technical Experts from Developing Countries in Official Technical Meetings of the Preparatory Commission, so as to enhance developing countries’ participation and expand the Treaty’s influence.

Advancing nuclear disarmament and preventing proliferation of nuclear weapons is an enduring task for the intentional community. In this regard, the international community has high expectations for CTBT’s role. As one of its first signatory States, China is a staunch supporter of the Treaty’s purposes and objectives, and takes an active part in the preparatory process. Chinese President Xi Jinping, at the recent 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, clearly set out the goals of building a new type of international relations, a community of shared future for mankind and an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world enjoying lasting peace, universal security and shared prosperity. This important policy statement, highly in line with the Treaty’s purposes and objectives, will guide our future engagement in the CTBT process, which will be more proactive. China will continue to work with all parties to contribute to the Treaty’s early entry into force and to prepare for implementation.

I thank you, Madam President.

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