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Statement by Ambassador Shi Zhongjun on the Korean Peninsula Nuclear Issue

Mr. chairman,

My delegation takes note of the DG’s introductory statement on the application of safeguards in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea(DPRK).

Mr. chairman,

On the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, China has always unswervingly adhered to the principle of achieving denuclearization of the Peninsula, maintaining peace and stability on the Peninsula and seeking a solution through dialogue and consultation. Since the begining of this year, the DPRK has conducted multiple missile launches and yet another nuclear test. These acts, which challenged the nuclear non-proliferation regime, violated relevant United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions, ran against the general will of the international community, further exacerbated tensions on the peninsula and undermined regional peace and stability, are resolutely opposed by China. China will neither recognize nor acquiesce to DPRK as a nuclear weapon state. China demands that the DPRK comply in real earnest with relevant UNSC resolutions, desist from wrong actions which not only worsen the situation but are also detrimental to its own interests, and return to the search for a solution through dialogue. China, for its part, will strictly implement UNSC resolutions on the DPRK and continue its constructive role in finding a solution to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

Facts have shown that sanctions and exerting pressure alone won’t solve the issue and that dialogue and consultation are the only workable path toward solving the Korean peninsular nuclear issue and achieving lasting peace and security on the peninsula. Any measures taken by the international community, while aiming to curb nuclear weapon and missile development in the DPRK, should also serve to boost the early restart of dialogue and negotiations. Neither efforts on sanctions nor those on dialogue and negotiations should be neglected. To this end, China has put forward the “Dual-track Approach” and the “Suspension for Suspension” proposal, which are designed to find a way out for resuming dialogue,through the suspension of nuclear and missile activities by the DPRK and suspension of joint massive military exercises by the United States and the Republic of Korea. On this basis, the relevant parties would start simultaneously negotiations on achiving denuclearization of the peninsula and on establishing a peace mechanism on the peninsula, which would ultimately lead to peninsula denuclearization and lasting regional peace and security. We hope that the international community will respond positively to China’s proposal and play a constructive role in advancing toward a peaceful solution to the peninsula nuclear issue.

Thank you, Mr. chairman.

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